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How do I get updates on practice: times, AQI, location, weather, etc.?

Real time updates will go through sportsYou. That is the quickest and most efficient way to notify players and parents of any changes. Please sign up for your team as instructed by your coach and make sure notifications are turned on!

How do I contact my player's coach?

You will receive an introduction to your player's coach. We want to know about things that may affect your player or their ability to play. Otherwise, we communicate directly with players on skillset, progress and playing time. We want all players to be comfortable advocating for themselves.

Where do I find information on schedule, rankings and broadcast options?

The OSAA website will give you up to date information.

How can I log into HUDL?

HUDL logins are assigned to each player with access to the appropriate team(s). Please have your player contact their position coach if they do not have the access they need. We do not create separate parent logins. For highlight videos, you may login through your player's account.

Can I transport my player home after an away game?

Yes, but we need you to sign them out at the bus after the game. Players cannot sign themselves out. Parents cannot sign out other players.

We are ultimately responsible for every single player, so please follow this requirement. We need to know where kids are at all times and as a parent, I'm sure you do as well!

Note: This does not apply if buses are not provided and parents coordinate transportation. Please communicate any changes to the coordinating parents.

I lost my (jersey, pants, girdle, etc.) Can I get a new one?

Each player is issued gear for the season valued at over $2,000. Please take care of the uniforms and equipment. Wash your uniform every week, per instructions on sportsYou for new game uniforms.

Also, wash your practice jersey and pants each weekend. We track what is issued and you are responsible for turning in all gear at the end of the season, washed and dried. If items are not returned, fines will be placed on your student account.

Please don't plan on keeping your jersey as a souvenir or giving it to your girlfriend!

Does Summit Charge For Entry To Football Games?

Summit Varsity football home games are ticketed. Single game ticket purchase links can be found on each home game's event page. The list of all ticketed games and ticket purchase links can be found here.

Tickets are sold through the Hometown Ticketing app, which can be downloaded here on your mobile device.

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